Welcome! My name is Katie, and I am the founder of k8designs.com, a place to find unique personalized items to gift or take home. I take crafting seriously, I thrive on selling unique handmade and designed pillows, drink ware, holiday gifts and more.

So I guess your here to learn a little bit about me. Here it goes...I have been successfully selling on Etsy as HipBabyBoutique since 2009 but my story starts before that. Firstly I am a working MOM of 2 boys. I started sewing when I was in my early 20's. Mostly to create things to give away as gifts.  When I had my first son in 2005, I quickly learned how expensive things where and decided to make most of my receiving blankets and bibs myself. Now here's where all you mom's might get mad so I will whisper it.. "my child was an amazing sleeper" He slept all the time! So I was left with a lot of spare time.. and a sewing machine. First I made car seat covers, then I decided I needed some new baskets for his room and KABOOM...Diaper Caddies where born! I opened my etsy shop in hopes that maybe I could sell a few of these items to help pay for diapers and toys... you know "just a hobby shop" 

Well... much to my surprise... $$$ sales galore! My etsy shop has continued to grow and still remains a successful part of my everyday life. Now you might be asking "so why are you starting out again as k8designs?" Good question...and it's a complicated answer but to keep it simple, you do the math.. well my boys are now 12 and 9, so not so babyish anymore :( And well my business has grown to much more than "hipbaby" stuff. I want to expand to more personalized gift and home decor items. Which is why I have decided to combine all of my creative designs all onto one shop. To produce an experience tailored to your specific needs.

So enough about me... go take a look and do some shopping!